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An Open Letter To The Dutch People

An Open Letter to the Dutch People
Dear Dutch People,

This Easter holiday, I will visit your country to dedicate this open letter to you, all Dutch People since I never received any clear answer and response yet from your head government even from your head of state. I am writing on behalf of my family and a human person as an Achehnese that we had long and so painful chapter in our shared history.

Every end of March, our Achehnese Diaspora all around the world always commemorate “The Black Day” in which The Netherlands officially declared war against the sovereign state of Acheh and began to invade our country on March 26th, 1873. According to the historical facts of your own government that the war in Acheh was merely the longest, deadliest and the most expensive one. Consequently, our state’s sovereignty was lost and thousands of our great-grand parents died and resulted many widows and orphans.

It was your state that invaded our land and made it as one of the bloodiest and the longest colonial war in human history. If our people invade your land and colonize as you did to us, will you accept it? What will you do then? Our Achehnese great-grandparents were brutally shot to death by your soldiers called “Korps Marechaussee te Voet”.

Dear Ducth People,

Today, we know that The Netherlands is a democratic country and also one of the European Union countries which highly respect the value of human right currently living civilized. However, what your country did during the colonialization against Acheh is considered uncivilized and could not be simply forgotten. One of Your Holy Scripture verse stated “Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself” (Matthew 22:39). Does this verse is only applied to Christian or to me whose religion different with yours? That is why I deliver this letter to seek an answer.

I call your attention as the Dutch People on the moral responsibility caused by your state did in the past war against Acheh. We do expect that your country make a kind of reconciliation matter so that your country would be seen totally wise towards Acheh.
Best Regards,
Asnawi Ali
Örebro, Sweden

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